C. Daniel Myers

Department of Political Science

University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN 55455




2013-Present: Assistant Professor of Political Science

University of Minnesota


2011-2013: Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy University of Michigan



2011:  Ph.D., Politics

Princeton University


2008: M.A., Politics

Princeton University


2005: B.A., Political Science

Allegheny College



1001: American Democracy in a Changing World


1903: Deliberation in the 2016 Election


3108: Honors Thesis Preparation


3767: Political Psychology of Elite Behavior


8307: Political Psychology Proseminar


8360: Small Group Processes and Democratic Deliberation

8160: Experimental Methods

Publications (Political Science)


2021 - "The Dynamics of Social Identity: Evidence from Deliberating GroupsPolitical Psychology

2020 - "Does Group Deliberation Mobilize?" (w/ Hunter Gordon & others)​. Political Behavior

2020 - "How Would Low-Income Communities Prioritize Medicaid Spending?" (w/ Susan Goold & other). Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law

2018 - "Political Deliberation and the Common Knowledge Effect.Journal of Public Deliberation

2017 - "Interests, Information, and Minority Influence in Deliberation." Journal of Politics

2016 - "The Influence of Emotion on Trust." (w/ Dustin Tingley). Political Analysis.


2016 - "Participation and Punishment." Journal of Theoretical Politics

2015 - "Learning from Others: An Experiment in Learning from Others." (w/ David Glick). Journal of Theoretical Politics


2013 - "Political Deliberation." (w/ Tali Mendelberg). Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology

Publications (Other)

2019 - "Evaluating Community Deliberations about Health Research Priorities." (w/ Susan Goold & others). Health Expectations

2018 - "Members of Minority and Underserved Communities Set Priorities for Health Research" (w/ Susan Goold & others). Milbank Quarterly

2017 - "Community Deliberation to Build Local Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation." (w/ Tara Ritter and Andrew Rockaway ). Climate Change Adaptation in North America.

2017 - "Priorities for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research." (w/ Susan Goold & others). Health Service Research


2019-2020: PI. Seed Grant for Social Science Research (Internal)

2018-2020: PI. Grant-in-Aid of Research. (Internal)

2018-2020: PI. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. (External)

2016-2017: PI. Joan Aldous Innovation Fund. (Internal)


2015-2017: Co-Investigator. NIH. (External)


2014-2017: Co-Investigator. AHRQ. (External)


2015-2016: Co-PI. I on E Mini-Grant. (Internal)


2012-2014: Co-Investigator. AHRQ. (External)